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Unfortunately, living in a small town we do not see as much of a diverse workforce as a
large metropolitan area does. However, slowly but surely we do see somewhat of a more diverse
population. Having been a student at MSU I was exposed to more than being an online student.
I have heard many times from my mother how New York is the “melting pot” of the country. Of
course, she left New York over 30 years ago and I do believe diversity within communities has
spread more and more across the nation.
As the population diversifies with cultural, sexual preferences, and even people locating
from one part of the country to another, you will have issues that arise on how to manage and
balance a diverse workforce. From reading “Managing the Diverse Workforce”, authored by
Carol Milano, she even discusses the cultural differences from one part of our country to another
(2012). This certainly leads to a very important issue on accommodating all cultures and being
compliant for the diversified employees any corporation will face.
The Challenge
Human Resources are not only about ensuring benefits, vacation, and compensation of all
sorts, but ones has to give credence to not only diversifying their employee pool, but to educate
and embrace the diversification of their employees. One could say by doing so or
accommodating the cultural differences affirmative action takes on a new meaning. Finding the
balance with the diverse workforce is a critical component in the HR world.
Let’s look at cultural difference on time and deadlines. According to Milano, she notes,
“In North America, especially in large cities, a “time is money’ attitude is common, keeping
many professionals in a frequent rush.” She also goes on to compare an American worker to an
expatriate of another country. Incorporating the “have to have it now” attitude into a culturally
diverse environment takes skill and highly favored management skills (2012). It is even more
interesting to read further in Milano’s who quotes Vincent Segilor, “Teamwork is an area rich in
cultural nuance” (2012). Each culture and within that culture has their way of perceiving
teamwork. Bringing together diversified employees to work together is bringing both strengths
and weaknesses together, enabling those to learn not only on the project per say, but also to learn
about each other.
To be a good manager you should also be able to lead the masses within the company in a
positive way. Generally speaking, the Human Resource Manager does exactly that! They are
trendsetters, policy makers, peacemakers and peacekeepers, problem solvers, solution experts,
etc. According to Daft (2011), who authored The Leadership Experience, “As more women and
minorities move up the management hierarch, they’re often finding it a lonely road to travel.
Even for someone who has experience a degree of racism or sexism. He also goes further in the
chapter to note that recognizing diversity brings value and strengths from each person. Further
along in the chapter he notes the minority population is roughly 100.7 million people (p. 329333). Management must recognize all of this and more through training and development and
pass it on to all employees, not just managers, supervisors, or even certain departments. A
cohesive work environment will certainly shine through when the Human Resource Manager
let’s this filter down.
Diversity does not stop in meeting the quotas as set out before us from the federal
mandates. It is as deep and wide as diversity itself. In an article written by Farhad Manjoo for
the New York Times and the hidden bias at Google, Manjoo is quoted as having said “Google’s
leaders say they are unhappy about the firm’s poor gender diversity, and about the sever
underrepresentation of blacks and Hispanics among its work force” (2014). Perhaps, Google and
other companies can analyze their techniques for recruitment and increase this gap. Ironically,
further in the article it is noted that “The company has no solid evidence that the workshops, or
many of its other efforts to improve diversity, are actually working” (2011). Management must
step in and get creative to improve the diversity issue. This appears to be it is a broken system
and needs to be repaired. “If it ain’t broke don’t fix it” simply is not working when it comes to
strengthening the diversity gap. One cannot stop there either.
Increasing the status quo simply does not make the diversity issue disappear. Working
each and every day in management to analyze this will bring forth many opportunities to both the
employer and employee, creating a harmonious environment. Glenn Liopis outlined this so
clearly when he conversed with an executive who was quoted as saying, “Diversity has no real
value tangible to the growth of our business” (2011). Liopis believes this is common among
many executives and shares these derogatory opinions. Are we so narrow minded that we want
to exclude diversity within our companies and only meet what we need to through Affirmative
Action? Sharing culture can sometimes be a downside to the hiring of a minority and yet more
times than not can be viewed as a compliment to any company. It would really be something to
see the HRD fire any executive who took this position and stand on diversity in the workplace.
Managers at all times should do a self-check list on the matters of diversity. As Chuck
Williams (2012) puts it “Diversity actually makes good business sense in several ways: costs
savings, attracting and retaining talent, and driving business growth” (p. 252). The saddest part
of this statement is many times diversity is considered good business sense to avoid lawsuits and
not considered good business to expand the company’s horizons. Surely, with different cultural
backgrounds you have to take into consideration the accommodations of different faiths,
observances, and the likes, but this can easily be manage through careful planning and a HRD
that knows how to think outside of the box! For example, allowing floating holidays rather than
always observing federal holidays, or allowing those who observe the Sabbath to work a
compressed workweek. These simple solutions can bring a united team with great advantages in
learning from others. On page 254 of MGMT5, Williams acknowledges there is a difference of
diversity. He speaks of the “Surface-Level Diversity” (2012) with that being the common type
of diversity. When thinking about diversity, we need to look more into the “Deep-Level
Diversity” (2012) and learn from that. Morals, beliefs, and values are just a few that fall into
deep level diversity and each culture has their own set of beliefs, values, and morals. Being
sensitive to all cultures across the board without bias is something every HRD must strive for
and then they must strive to train all others.
Watching the television Blue Bloods that takes place in New York City many of the
police officers are Irish-American. Why is this? Dating back to the turn of the 19th century,
immigration was what New York City was built on. With that, the newel immigrated Irish did
not have job skills or even any type of formal education, if they went past the 8th grade. As the
police and fire departments increased their hires the Irish immigrants, along with many of the
Italian immigrants joined the departments and in turn it became a legacy that was passed down to
each generation. Yes, in New York you have the St. Patrick’s Day Parade and the St. San
Gennaro Feast that is celebrated citywide, but the men and women who are culturally bound by
these celebrations are permitted to partake in them, and days off are arranged. Cultural diversity
has been the backbone of our country and should always be embraced, not only in the work place
but in society as well.
It should be recognized that the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) has
their ideas on diversity. According to Reed and Bogardus, they listed several concepts that will
ensure tremendous success within the human resource department and within the company. “A
diverse workforce is more creative, A diverse workforce reflects the population, A direct
workforce increases the candidate pool” (2012). This almost should be considered the Three
Commandments for Human Resource Management in diversity. Creativity can only happen
through diversity. Imagine if all employees were cut from the same cloth, how would creativity
enter beyond the same color of cloth? Therefore, by diversifying the workforce you are
encouraging new ideas, new visions, and new ways to accomplish a task.
Simply hiring employees or retaining employees from different backgrounds, cultures,
and beliefs is no longer just enough. A good Human Resource Manager will ensure education
for all employees to learn how to benefit from differences. Most importantly, there will be times
where there are cultural conflicts and this must be addressed in a positive manner. Holding
seminars within the company to educate is a very good way to incorporate the diverse workforce.
Communication can be an issue at times with certain employees and working through this can
open opportunities and enrich all involved. There will come a day when I will relocate and look
forward to culturally diverse work environment and community.
Daft, R. L., & Lane, P. G. (2011). 11/Developing Leadership Diversity. In The Leadership
experience (pp. 329-333). Mason, OH: South-Western Cengage Learning.
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Knowledge Requirements for HR Professionals. In PHR/SPHR: Professional in
Human Resources certification study guide (pp. 44-45). Indianapolis, IN: Wiley Pub.
Williams, C. (2012). Managing Individuals and a Diverse Work Force. In MGMT: What’s inside:
A student tested, faculty-approved approach to learning principles of management
(pp. 248-267). Mason, OH: South-Western, Cengage Learning.
Fortune 500 Companies, 2014
World’s Most Admired Companies Ranked By Key Attributes (February 19,
America’s Most Reputable Companies,
Best Companies to Work for
“For a farm boy who never had much of an education, providing opportunities for
others was a top priority” is Milton Hershey’s legacy and still holds true today (Hershey’s,
2015). Milton Hershey had a vision and a mission statement for all areas of business. The
mission statements included environment, marketplace, community, and workplace
(Hershey’s, 2015). I was overly impressed with my research in determining the company I
wanted to write about. Choosing to do this assignment on The Hershey Company is simply
due to the fact that through research, it appears the core values from the 1900’s are still
present in the 2000’s. The core values are the foundation of The Hershey Company’s
success and have not veered from when Milton Hershey first placed his commitment and
values to all he came into contact from this very enchanting business.
Milton Hershey never gave up. In fact he had several failures before finding the
perfect combination of equipment, ingredients, and distribution. One could say his major
failures propelled him to becoming a success. According to Entrepreneur’s article, Milton
Hershey had many believer’s, including his aunt (2008). Hershey began his chocolate
journey when the “Robber Barons” were also gearing up. He followed his own path to
success with one major reason for his success, and that was his beliefs and values he had.
Throughout the years The Hershey Company has grown into a household name, along with
being one of the largest chocolatiers in the world, recognized on every continent. Hershey’s
values, ethics, and morals are what carried this company to the success it knows today. We
have all heard the expression “getting ahead of yourself” and that was exactly what Milton
Hershey did when it came to management style and corporate social responsibility.
Corporate Social Responsibility
Hershey was a man who saw vision before others through giving back to his
community, employees, and country. Those visions are still alive today. When the
depression hit and businesses were failing, workers were laid off, and the economy came to
a screeching halt, “Hershey embarked on an ambitious building plan devised solely to keep
his workers employed (Entrepreneur, 2008). This was an amazing feat Hershey took on. It
showed his care and concern for his employees, their families, and the community. In
doing so, one can only imagine the loyalty and dedication received in return from these
men and women. In addition to providing work for his employees, Hershey also went on to
build an entire community.
The community consisted of “schools, parks, churches, recreational facilities, and
housing for his employees (Biography, 2015). Some people might think this was a similar
attempt from the “Gold Rush” towns that cropped up, but the ulterior motivates for
Hershey was simple not there. The love for his community and people was his driving
force. Treating all with respect and dignity made the management style of the corporation
what it is today. One can only imagine the tremendous impact this had for employee to
employer loyalty. Additionally, The Milton Hershey School was formed and is still in
existence to this day. The school reaches out to impoverished children, without care or
concern on ability to pay, race, gender, or any type of demographics.
Incredible as it may seem Pennsylvania is one of the few states that does not have
any protection for same sex partner’s. According to Ivey DeJesus’ blog, although one can
legally enter into a same sex marriage you can still be fired for that very same reason
(2014). Diversification is another attribute to the success style of quality management
within The Hershey Company. They have been voted one of the best places to work for
LGBT and have even moved up the ranks from 2013 to 2014. Imagine an employer where
regardless of your gender you have a safe work environment. A place you can go to
everyday and make an honest living without fear of retribution due to your sexual
orientation. The Hershey Company sees each person as an individual without bias to their
race, religion or gender. Although we have laws to protect anyone against discrimination it
doesn’t always work and I believe there is zero tolerance at The Hershey Company for
standards less than the law requires, and in fact above board regarding the laws that are in
The Code of Ethical Conduct found at the Hershey website clearly states all that this
company stands for (2013). It enforces fair treatment, fair market trade, global
commitments, and the list goes on. Particularly interesting is the section detailing the
commitment to employees. From mock questions and answers to policy and procedure
any employee would know what to do and who to turn to in the event of any type of ethical
violation. Protecting employees and their rights, without favoritism or bias, certainly
creates an environment for a positive work environment.
Customers, Vendors, Stockholders, and the World
Of course to be a profitable company as long as The Hershey Company has been
and to be a household name does not come without including your customers, vendors, and
your global partners. Without these components, any company will surely fail over an
extended period of time.
Juggling the obligations Hershey has to their stockholders can
sometimes become a daunting task, if Hershey puts customer, vendors, and the world first.
The Hershey Company faced many external challenges. As noted by Kash in an
article from the Ivey Business Journal, “These external challenges could not be ignored.
But they could be identified, understood, and then managed as part of Hershey’s overall
strategic re-orientation (2012)”. One major issue within the management is change was not
happening over the decades. In fact technology was exploding, but the vision of taking the
company to areas of the unknown had not been explored. The marketplace became very
competitive in the brick and mortar locations. Add to that e-commerce and more
product/packaging choices offer to the consumer, put Hershey at a disadvantage.
Hershey’s management recognized this, came together as a united front, keeping the core
values intact, but taking a more aggressive approach toward their marketing mix.
Leadership had to lead Hershey into the 21st century. When a company as large as
Hershey’s recognizes their weaknesses and revamp their strategies it could only mean one
thing……continued success! A new era was born and with that game the “demand
landscape” according to Kash (2012). This meant listening to the consumer, the vendor’s,
and supplies, all the while being globally aware of the needs of all. What an exemplary
example of realizing your shortfalls and creating new goals, without sacrificing any one
department, product, or employee.
The Hershey Company exemplifies all the qualities of being responsible to their
stockholders, employees, community, and country, but they also are concerned with the
global picture. To be a Fortune 500 company is not an easily achieved goal. To be The
Hershey Corporation and obtain Fortune 500 status while giving back is an even more
challenging feat.
It is quite evident The Hershey Company stands apart from many corporations
from their actions. If the phrase “actions speak louder than words” is true then this
company certainly put their actions to good use. You cannot have poor management or
even bad management when you follow Hershey’s core values, ethical beliefs, and Milton
Hershey’s visions dating back over 100 years! Finally, The Hershey Company seems to
always find a balance that equates to large profits year after year. This could not be done
without proper leadership and management. Visions never change but sometimes you need
to remove the rose colored glasses to see what is right before your eyes.
(2015). Retrieved from
DeJesus, I. (2014, November 14). For LGBT employees, Hershey Co. among best places to work
in Pa., survery shows [Web log post]. Retrieved from
Hershey’s. (n.d.). Retrieved February 19, 2015, from
Kash, R. (2012). Ivey Business Journal. The Hershey Company: Aligning inside to Win on the
outside. doi:The Hershey Company: Aligning inside to win on the outside
Milton S. Hershey. (2008, October 07). Retrieved from
As technology advances each and every day, the job application and interview process
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