PCN 545 GCU Child Abuse Assessment Case Study Essay Assignments


Essay W3 must be turned in Monday March 25, 2019 by 9am Central Standard US Time. The rest must be turned in by the following Monday same time for full credit.545Textbook:Essay W3Review the Trauma Case Study for Maryam. Write a 1,000-word essay answering the following questions. Your number one goal is to make sure she is safe.Provide appropriate support for your answers by citing the DSM.What are the key assessment issues to consider?Do you think this is a crisis situation? Why or why not? Explain.What is the client’s immediate need? Be specific.What specific interventions do you feel are necessary with this client?What is the possible diagnosis for this client? Provide supportive reasoning for your diagnosis. Why?Is this client suffering a stress disorder? Define which one and the symptoms associated.How does the biology of trauma present in this case?Should Maryam’s family be notified? Explain.Would you feel competent enough to work with this client? Why or why not?Should you seek additional resources to help with this case? Explain.Do you have coordination or treatment issues to consider? Explain.Include a minimum of three scholarly references in addition to the textbook.Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style GuideEssay W4Complete the Devising Safety Plans assignment.While APA style is not required for the body of this assignment, solid academic writing is expected and in-text citations and references should be presented using APA documentation guidelines, which can be found in the APA Style GuideEssay W5Conduct an internet search about the murder of Yeardley Love. After researching the story, write a 750-word essay addressing the following. Assuming there was abuse occurring prior to the death of Yeardley Love, hypothesize how it may have been difficult for a counselor to assess and identify this abuse. Describe how a counselor’s knowledge of the abuse cycle would assist in detecting partner abuse.Include a minimum of two scholarly references in addition to the textbook.Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style GuideEssay W6Read the following case studies:Case Study: JoshuaCase Study: Desert Viejo Elementary SchoolCreate one 20-slide PowerPoint presentation (in addition to a title slide and references slide) outlining an intervention for each case study. One of the interventions must include Critical Incident Stress Debriefing (CISD). It is up to you to decide which type of intervention is best suited for each scenario. Include the following in your interventions:Step-by-step description of each intervention planRationale for choosing each interventionCommunity resources that are available in your local community that you would include as part of an intervention for each scenarioInclude a minimum of three scholarly references in addition to the textbook.Essay W7Complete the “Child Abuse Assessment Case Study.”Essay W8Explore the U.S. Department of Health & Human Services, Administration for Children & Families website, paying specific attention to the sections regarding child abuse.Review the Child Abuse Treatment Case Study.Complete the Child Abuse Treatment Plan Template.


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PCN 545 GCU Child Abuse Assessment Case Study Essay Assignments
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PCN-545 Child Abuse Assessment Case Study
Directions: Read the case study of Rachel and answer the questions following the case study.
Rachel is a 15- year-old Caucasian female. Rachel is a ward of the state and lives in a group home
with 12 other girls. Rachel is in the group home because she has a pattern of arrests and truancy
that led her to juvenile detention. After serving a sentence of 6 months in the juvenile detention
center, she was remanded to a therapeutic group home for a year. Rachel sees her mother and
father once a week, on family day.
Rachel has a history of learning difficulties and her case worker reports that she has been
diagnosed with a cognitive disability. The case worker explains that Rachel lacks age-appropriate
social cues and struggles to make friends.
Rachel was brought into your office by a group home case worker. The case worker explains that
she discovered that Rachel has been communicating with an unknown male over a social
networking website. The case worker explains that the material that has been shared is
“inappropriate” and involves a tactic called “sexting.” There is little known about the online
contact, for instance they do not know the individual’s age, name, or true identity.
1. Identify three follow up questions you have for Rachel.
2. Identify three follow up questions you have for the case worker
3. Describe at least three indicators/symptoms you would be assessing for in Rachel’s case.
4. Is Rachel a victim of sexual exploitation? Explain.
© 2014. Grand Canyon University. All Rights Reserved.
Case Study: Marisa
Name: Marisa
Marisa is an 11-year-old Hispanic-American female. Marisa is in the 7th grade at a local
school. She lives with her biological mother and her stepfather. Marisa has three siblings:
one brother and two sisters. Marisa is the oldest child. Marisa’s biological father is
inconsistently in her life, and visits with her a couple of times a year. He lives in the same
city as Marisa, but doesn’t seem to hold a job long enough for her mother to collect child
support. Marisa is the only child from her mother’s first marriage; her siblings were born
during her mother’s current marriage.
Treatment History
Marisa has been to therapy “a couple of times” when she was 6 years old. Marisa’s
mother reports that she (mother) has always had difficulty “managing Marisa’s
Current Treatment
Marisa reports that she visits her school counselor sometimes.
Current Medical
Current Disposition
Marisa’s mother has brought Marisa into your office seeking counseling for oppositional
behavior. Marisa’s mother reports “Marisa is so disrespectful; she talks back, yells at me,
and just won’t do what she is told.” While you are talking with Marisa and her mother
they describe a recent argument. Marisa reports that her mother “slapped me” during the
argument. Marisa’s mother reports, “She hit me; I had to do something.” As you tell
Marisa and her mother that you are a mandatory reporter and start describing what that
means, Marisa’s mother gets upset and leaves the office, taking Marisa with her.
Due to the intake paperwork, you have the family’s address and demographic
© 2014. Grand Canyon University. All Rights Reserved.
Case Study: Desert Viejo (DV) Elementary School
DV Elementary School is situated in a working class neighborhood. It is a K-6 school and has
student body of 1,200 children. The population of students is diverse in culture and race.
This morning as the children were preparing to go to lunch, a distraught father entered the school
yard. Earlier in the day, the distraught father “Ben” had had another argument about custody and
visitation with his ex-wife. Ben’s daughter Sierra is an 8-year-old 4th grader at DV Elementary
When Ben entered the school grounds, he was carrying an M-16 assault rifle. Ben is a retired
veteran who likes to collect guns. His M-16 was equipped with an extended clip, allowing him to
carry over 50 rounds of ammunition in the clip attached to the gun. Ben eventually made his way
into the school, then the front administrative office and emptied all 50 rounds on the occupants.
A group of students were passing by the front office as the assault began. One child was injured,
but not fatally. When emergency services arrive and secure the locked down school, they count 5
fatalities. One of the fatalities was Ben, who took his own life with a hand gun after his killing
The small group of children passing by the office at the time of the assault was the only children
who witnessed the horror. The remainder of the student body and teachers report hearing “pops,”
crashing, and “breaking stuff” from their classrooms.
© 2014. Grand Canyon University. All Rights Reserved.
Devising Safety Plans
Directions: Respond to the prompts following each of the scenarios below based on the topical readings
and any other resources you find helpful. Each response should be 75 to 100 words.
Scenario 1: Jeannine and Robert have been together for five years and have been married for the past
three years. They live in an apartment together. There have been a few instances of physical violence
from Robert toward Jeannine throughout the relationship, mostly shoving her around and, a couple of
times, slapping her, always followed by effusive apology, explaining his actions as stress from his job.
Imagine you are Jeannine’s counselor and she reveals that Robert has been showing signs of more
violence, escalating in verbal threats. A couple of weeks ago, he grabbed her by the shoulders and shook
her so violently, she ended up with a sore neck and migraine headache. Last week, he punched her in
the ribs a couple of times, resulting in bruising, which she revealed to you. She fears for her safety,
though she is not yet ready to move out or leave him.
1. Describe Jeannine’s level of lethality:
2. Devise a safety plan for Jeannine :
3. Explain why you devised the safety plan the way you did:
Scenario 2: Maria states she met Justin at a party a couple months ago. They have gone out a few times.
Justin has never been to Maria’s house but she has been to his apartment; client states she usually
meets him at a restaurant or club. Maria tells you that the other night, while out with Justin, he became
“physically aggressive.” She reports that she woke the next morning at her home with a lack of memory
from the night prior. She tells you that she was too ashamed to report it to the police and she wasn’t
sure what happened. Imagine you are Maria’s counselor and she reveals to you that yesterday Justin
became abusive and threatening toward her after she refused his sexual advances. Justin threatened
that he would break off their relationship and find someone “more mature” in her attitude toward sex.
© 2014. Grand Canyon University. All Rights Reserved.
She is afraid that he will follow through on his threats to break off their relationship. You know from
past visits that, although attractive and intelligent, she has self-esteem problems.
1. Describe Maria’s level of lethality.
2. Devise a safety plan for Maria:
3. Explain why you devised the safety plan the way you did:
Scenario 3: Arthur and Melissa have been married for seven years but have been separated for the past
year. The couple has two small children. They share custody. Imagine Arthur is your client, and, during a
session, Arthur reveals that Melissa has recently become physically violent with him, slapping and
punching him, but he has been too embarrassed to disclose the abuse. Client states that his wife has
never acted this way before and he is afraid that the children may not be safe when left alone with her.
Client states he is unsure about how to protect himself and, more so, his children.
1. Describe Arthur’s level of lethality:
2. Devise a safety plan for Arthur:
3. Explain why you devised the safety plan the way you did:
© 2014. Grand Canyon University. All Rights Reserved.
Case Study: Joshua
Name: Joshua
Joshua is a 17-year-old Caucasian male. Joshua is a junior in high school and his parents
report he is an “average” student, earning Bs & Cs a majority of the time. Joshua is the
youngest of four children, his two eldest siblings no longer live in the family home.
Joshua’s 19-year-old sister lives in the family home while she attends the local college.
Joshua is a medium build
Treatment History
Joshua was hospitalized last year for a substance abuse disorder. Joshua has been using
drugs and alcohol since his 12th year.
Current Treatment
Joshua reports he has no current therapist, “They just don’t listen to me and even when
they do they don’t understand my issues.”
Current Disposition
Joshua has called the hotline reporting “I just don’t see any reason to go on.” Joshua
reports that his girlfriend recently broke with him and he has been feeling hopeless about
his future. Joshua reports that he plans to “Play in traffic” soon.
© 2014. Grand Canyon University. All Rights Reserved.

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